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Have you been thinking that it’s time to make some changes in your life to ensure you are healthier and that you enjoy quality longevity. As we age we tend to focus on our health more than when we are younger and feel indestructible. The good news is that it is not that difficult to make some small lifestyle changes and reap the benefits. 

#1 Choose Organic Foods

Food that is grown with pesticides and/or herbicides bring toxins to our body that can increase our risk of cancer. Choose organic foods and you will avoid toxins and enjoy increased nutrients. Meat carries the toxins in the fat and actually contains more toxins than fruits and vegetables. If it seems a little overwhelming, begin with choosing organic fruits and vegetables. Later you can add organic meat, dairy, and eggs. These products are becoming readily available. 

#2 Make Time for Your Workout Before Work

Finding time to workout can be tough. By the time your day at work is over you may feel too tired to go to the gym, or you may have many other commitments to deal with. Instead, try to fit your workout in before you go to work. Research shows that those who do this are much more likely to stick with the exercise program. It can be as simple as a 30 minute walk or it can include a trip to the gym. 

#3 Avoid Bottled Water

Tap water contains all kinds of chemicals so many of us turned to bottled water, and we never really know where the water source for that bottled water is. The problem is those plastic bottles leach chemicals too. A better solution is to invest in a Brita filter, which can remove all kinds of chemicals, metals, and toxins from your tap water and leave you with a safe glass of water to enjoy. Remember eight – 8 ounce glasses a day is the recommended water intake. 

#4. Include Interval Training in Your Cardio Workout

Interval training is short bursts of high intensity exercise that is mixed in with lower intensity exercises. It has been shown to help your body burn fat and it boosts your cardio fitness workout. Try adding a 30 second sprint every four or five minutes on the treadmill or on the bicycle put yourself into high gear for 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter what you do just significantly increase the intensity for 30 seconds. 

Here are four simple tips that can help you make gradual changes to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy the health and longevity you want.


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